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10 Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Not that interesting.

1) Monopoly Deal: Okay its not really Monopoly Deal, but instead I like the feeling where you screw someone over.  I find more satisfaction in screwing someone than personally winning.  If I could Deal Break Michelle I would do it every time.  I love playing games to piss others off.  Winning is my secondary objective.

2) Bay Area Sports: If I studied the same amount as I studied the Giants, 49ers, and Warriors off season moves I would be graduating summa cum laude.

3) UCLA: I don’t regret going to UCLA at all.  Yeah maybe my GPA isn’t that great, but being a part of the UCLA community feels great. Being in a body where everyone really cares about the school is cool, especially for sports. GOOOOOOOOOOOO BRUINS!

4) Kids: I love playing with kids.  I never want to see kids in need.  My dream is to open an orphanage one day.  Or to work in one full time.

5) Spontaneous Adventures: First year during Spring Break, Kevin and I were driving down El Camino when Kevin said we needed to do something crazy.  So I said lets go to LA.  So we drove to LA down the 101 taking the scenic route.  We stayed at Soo’s place in Santa Barbara and then went to Fullerton to visit Paul’s mansion.  I called my mom the next day in KTown and told her that I was in LA and she didn’t speak on the phone for like 10 seconds and then said “what?”  She didn’t believe me.  Maybe this isn’t that crazy now but that was the first time Kevin and I did something like that.

6) Beer: Okay… you might be like what the hell… but my taste buds have really adjusted to beer.  I’m talking about beer in the context of eating it with a meal and man, it just really washes it all down and gives me a great feeling of satisfaction that water and soda can no longer do.  LA has really ruined alcohol for me, since everyone just drinks nonstop to get drunk, but when I come home to SF I love just going out to eat and having that beer on the side.  We went out the other day to get some Burmese food and the Singha beer really rounded out the meal well.

7) Sappy Romantic Comedies:  Yeah I’ll admit I can’t get enough of these.  Probably why I liked Korean dramas so much.

8) Girls Who Have Their Peculiarities/Quirks: It’s not just girls, I find peculiarities in general interesting, but I think its cute when a girl has some weird quirks.  Yadda mean?

9) Sweat Shirt + Sweat Pants Combo: Man… first year this was seriously my outfit for like half the year.  It was only second year that I realized that I’m in LA and that this type of attire is not allowed here.  But theres nothing better than griming it down bruin walk in my sweats.  Eric Hwang I approve.

10) Driving Different Cars: I’ve been lucky to have the experience of driving a vast range of cars.  My family owns a crap load of vehicles and have changed cars many times for various reasons.  From my grandpa’s OG 1988 Brown Honda Accord (RIP) to my Uncles Z8 Alpina, I really enjoy every drive.  Its just always a new experience.  The handling, the brakes, the acceleration.  Its always a thrill in the beginning.


Dislikes: Way More Interesting.  I had to dive deep.

1) Cucumbers:  Gross.  I don’t know if its because I never ate cucumbers when I was little, but I can’t stand the taste.  Or the smell.  Or the appearance.

2) Kill Joys/Rabid Complainers:  People who kill the mood.  Sorry, I don’t have time for your selfish DIVA attitude.  These people make me SOOOO angry.

3) Girls When They Wear Those Huge Sunglasses:  Please stop hiding your face.  I know you wear those sunglasses because they make you look freaking mysterious/pretty.  But once they’re off its usually a let down.  Better to not raise peoples expectations.  And plus you are going to get a weird ass sunglass tan on your face.  Yes this is incredibly shallow, I know.  I’m just speaking the truth.

4) S*** Talkers:  I know some people who constantly talk crap about other people. And it just brings me down.  I don’t know why.

5) A Ticking Clock: When the room is quiet and the clock is constantly ticking, it kind of throws me off.  If I’m trying to sleep, I used to have to take out the battery of the clock.  I’m better now but it still throws me off.

6) Speeding Drivers: You driving excessively fast is going to result sooner or later in someone dying.  And I’m not talking about those 80 MPH drivers.  I’m talking about those people who drive like 90-100 and are weaving lanes thinking they are hella bad ass.  I hope you get your ass thrown in jail.

7) People Who Go To Their TAs/Professors To Get A Grade Boost:  I don’t know why this irks me.  Maybe just because I’m too lazy to do it.  But I don’t do it because man I got what I deserved.  No sense in me going in to scrounge a few more points so I can go to med/law school.  But I guess others have more to lose and have less shame and are willing to do anything to get that A since their future hinges on it.  But seriously, SIT YO BUTT DOWN YOU BROWN NOSER!  Stop selling your good looks/sob story to get a better grade.

8) Users:  I call these people rats (I guess also a parasite like in the Matrix) because you know they are just looking to use anyone they can in order to get an advantage, whether that advantage is to save money/time/effort.  I do everything I can to avoid these people like a plague.

9) Legalistic People:  Talking about the Christian legalistic people here.  Go bother other people please thanks.  Or better yet, instead of telling people to stop living sinful lives, go to Africa or a Third World Country and do something useful then.  Any life in America is going to be sinful sorry.  O wait you can’t sacrifice the luxuries we have here?  Then SHUT UP!

10) Facebook:  After having deactivated for a good 2 weeks now, I’ve realized how much I DON’T need Facebook.  Man, can I get back all those hours I wasted on it for the last few years?  I’m not going to reactivate until I absolutely need it.  And I don’t see that happening for a while.

11) Chris Gill…. O wait I’m only supposed to have 10 sorry.  He probably won’t read this.

Cousins are no longer cute.

My cousins Daniel and Alex are no longer cute.  They are too old now.  I am sad.  Alex is still kind of cute.  But barely.

When he opened the door for me today, he told me “John I got even more perverted.”

Me: “Oh really Alex why is that?”

Alex: “I had sex ed.”

Me: “At school?”

Alex: “No from my dad.”

Me: “Well thats nothing new…”

Daniel: “Yeah tell me about it.”

Alex: “Penis! HeeHee!”

Random Middle School Memories

This Spring Break has been fun so far.  Good mix of work, family/friends, and pokemon YES!  Anyways coming back to Millbrae makes me think back on middle/high school memories (although I guess I forgot a lot since I don’t know who Kevin and Daniel are always talking about – my memory sucks).

1) My first girlfriend ever was in the 6th grade.  Noah asked out a girl named Terry for me.  I didn’t even know who she was.  I don’t know why Noah did that.  I think we went out for like a month.

2) One day in 7th grade Jonathan ran up the hill at Taylor and ran straight for me.  He ran into me and launched me in the air and I fell onto the ground.  When I got up I socked him in the face.  This random Mexican 8th grader that saw gave me a high five.  That is the only time I ever punched anyone in my life.

3) Kevin gave me the nickname Po in 6th/7th grade because he though my middle name was Po.  I don’t remember why, but everyone called me John Po Lee for the rest of middle school.

4) I was the starting Center for my basketball team in 8th grade.  How the mighty have fallen.

5) I had this one tutor for math from UC Berkeley.  I was really mad and tired one day when she came so I called my mom saying if we could cancel.  The tutor heard me I guess.  She was like “If you don’t want me hear I’m leaving.”  She left.  I remember her because she had a lot of armpit hair.  I remember I didn’t feel bad.  I just went to my room to play Counter-Strike.

6) Brian shat his pants in class and I didn’t even know until like the end of high school.

7) I played the flute.  I hated it.  So I rebelled by also playing clarinet, alto saxophone, timpani, bass drum, and xylophone.  I had a lot of fun in band.  I think I was the music teachers favorite student.  When I told him that I wasn’t doing band in high school, he stared at me, told me he was going to pretend that he didn’t hear that, and continued on with his business.

8) When we went to Anaheim for band (8th grade I think), we were at the hotel and I guess I said something to Brian Madriaga that made him mad.  He punched me in the stomach.  I lost my breath and was kneeling on the ground for a few minutes.  That is the only time that I have every been punched in my life.

9) Noah fought Austin at one of my birthday parties.  Then Brian fought Austin a year later(not sure if this was during middle school).  Brian ended up breaking his wrist and had to wear a cast for a few weeks.  I don’t think Austin ever came to my birthday parties ever again.

10) I had five girlfriends in middle school.  Two in high school.  Zero in college.  I think I need to resort back to the tactics I used in middle school.  Just have my friends ask out the girls for me.  Hug them once a day.  Talk to them on the phone for 30 minutes.  And then have their younger friend call me to break up with me (one of them ended that way). Sweet deal.

How To Build Interest…

I don’t know how to build interest in people in important things.  I don’t know why.  I can be a very good salesman when it comes to meaningless things, like making Will or Michelle use that Dealbreaker on someone else so I can win the Monopoly Deal Game, but when it comes to convincing people on important things I have trouble.

I always tell Michael how important it is to go to college.  I took him to UCLA.  Showed him my apartment today.  I’m trying to show him how fun college is.  But I know that I still haven’t gotten through to him yet.  During my classroom presentations, I worry that its not getting through to the students either and that I’m just wasting my breath.  The only time they seem to pay attention is when money is involved.

I quickly show them the chart on how much money you make coming out of college compared to high school and you notice everyones body language change a little bit.  Eyes get wider, people sit up, you see a little more life in everyone.  I hate this slide because I hate talking about money.  I feel like money shouldn’t be the main objective but if its the only thing that entices everyone then I guess I have no choice.  Thats how important money is to them, and probably rightfully so when you look at the hardships that all of their families are going through.

Sooner or later I guess I’m going to have to use this tactic on Michael.  The money Michael!!! The money!!!  These students need motivation.  They don’t have parents like us Asian kids who see a B as a failing grade.  But is this the right method.  I don’t know.  Time will tell.  Except these kids futures are at stake.  Whatever it takes I guess.

Quote from the Ramen King

“In order to survive, humans must be able to change their thinking.  Anyone who cannot do so has simply never suffered the truly awful things in this world.  To me, this was an unexpected revelation.  Why is it that such discoveries await when we face out horrors?  Why is it that humans perform above their normal abilities in such situations?  Perhaps it is because we are forced to abandon every idea that is no longer serving us.”              – Momofuku Ando

NFL Lockout Sucks

I hate this lockout… If this causes any of the season to be missed I’m going to be pissed!

I hope the 49ers can get a steal in the first round…

My hopeful draft picks:

1) Patrick Peterson
2) Von Miller
3) A.J. Green
4) Cam Newton

If we get Peterson I will be very happy although Von Miller is sick!  If we draft Green we need to trade our 2nd rounder for Carson Palmer/Kevin Kolb pronto.

Bet She Didn’t See This Coming…

Thanks Rebecca Kim for keeping me up to date in the world and leading me to the white girl UCLA racist video…  I thought it was just going to be another stupid youtube video of some Kpop group, and I didn’t even watch it the first time through because I thought it was some type of joke… and then I realized that it was real and watched it again.

I had a lot of mixed emotions after watching it.  A mix of “wow”, “does she really go to UCLA…”, “seriously?”, “that was hilarious”, and “I feel really bad for her.”

Some things to learn from this:

1) She probably did NOT see this coming.  Neither did the person who uploaded the first video.

Rebecca was describing the backlash that she received.  This happened earlier today, and I did a google search and its pretty much up at a lot of places now, especially on youtube and tumblr where she is getting reblogged about a LOT!  I am willing to bet that the person who downloaded the video and reposted it must feel like a complete douche bag for pretty much ruining that girls life.  But in the end it is the girl’s fault for posting it at all.  Moral of the story: Think twice before you post something on the internet!

2) Some people are extremely, extremely, extremely sensitive.

I went to the Chancellors Facebook page because Reb told me people were leaving posts about the video on his wall and WOW!  Some people really have nothing better to do…  I understand that the things she said in the video were ignorant and racist and blah blah blah but come on? Kick her out of school?  She is already facing enough misery and is probably looking up how to transfer to another school/change her name/sue people as I type this…  Yeah this is an embarrassment to UCLA but come on…

I was equally embarrassed by the posts left on the chancellors wall.  A lot of posts were really stupid… like why would you post this on the chancellors wall… they are just as embarrassing to UCLA as the girl in the video.  And some of the Asians were being pretty irrational too – I had to face palm a couple times.  I cringed when an Asian girl who was saying the girl was stupid for being “racist and stereotyping all asians together” attacked some White guy for telling people to calm down and continued to stereotype all white people together UGHHHH WHY! Facepalm.

Irrationality leads to more irrationality.

3) Sad thing is, a lot of the things she says in the video are true (not about all Asians but about some).

Not trying to lump all Asians together, but the reason that I thought the video was hilarious is because I know exactly the people she is talking about at school.  If only she was Asian and didn’t add that tsunami reference (definitely did not help her cause) this would have been really funny.

Asians with parents that do everything for them: Yeah she’s pretty much right.  There are a lot of them.  Can’t do their laundry, can’t cook…go home every weekend…  its probably prevalent more in Asian culture because our parents want us to study and be successful and try to make us focus only on our studies.  But some of us do our laundry, and some of us cook (not me), and are not dependent on our parents doing everything for us.

Asian fobs who talk in the library/Covel/in class: Okay, I will be the first to admit, that I FREAKING HATE THESE PEOPLE!!!!  I don’t know WHY but yes it is usually an asian fob that is talking on his phone in the library/study area and being inconsiderate to others.  I don’t know why but it just always ends up being a fob. And its not just on the phone, they always talk to each other really loudly and it pisses me off.  Culture? I don’t know but they really need to shut up.  It makes me embarrassed to be Asian sometimes.

ANYWAYS… I hope she doesn’t get completely owned because of this one video… She was probably stressing out because of finals.  Second chances people… you get them, she deserves one too.





I decided, that in my pursuit to read the bible more consistently, I should be following a commentary.  I looked for a commentary on Galatians but holy moly they are all so expensive!  Being the sinful person I am, I tried to look for a torrent of a commentary e-book… (yes I know this is terrible) but I couldn’t even find one -_-.  I guess this is God spiting me.

So I went to Amazon and looked for one.  All of the Galatian ones were like 20 bucks… Are you kidding me?  Its like 5 chapters long… the commentary for one book in the bible is more expensive than the entire bible itself!  Stupid publishers profiting off the bible… ugh.  I ended up finding one that was 10 bucks, but it was for James.  So I bought the e-book and began reading.  James is my favorite chapter in the bible so I guess this is for the better.

Its very interesting how there’s still controversy over who wrote the book.  Reading about the arguments from different sides really shed some light on how a lot of the bible is still unknown and that everything we’ve come to as a conclusion is our “best guess” from the evidence that we have.

This is why it bothers me when a pastor will only give one side of the story.  One thing I really appreciate about Pastor Alex is how he beings up “the other side” if there is one.  Its probably more prominent in James but there are a lot of controversies on “the correct translation” or “the historical context” to a passage which many scholars debate. (James a lot of controversy stems from “who is the author” and also a lot of the “conflicting” theology between James and Paul).

I feel like I’ve learned more about James in the past 2 hours than I’ve learned from reading it multiple times over the last 4 years… but this is why Pastor Alex made us follow a commentary when reading Phillipians during small group I guess, so that we aren’t just making personal conclusions.

I missed doing quiet times, it feels so good when you finally do them. Of course this ends up happening during finals week.  Like always.

No means no.

No I will not drink, so stop asking me random girl who is over at the apartment.

I accidentally broke my no red meat thing today… When theres a choice of menu, I’ve been solid.  I didn’t break it once this last week.  But when I went to church today they served Kimchi Jigae and I totally forgot that I was eating pork -_-.  I didn’t even realize it until 30 minutes after I finished.  But man that was the best Jigae ever… maybe its because I haven’t tasted red meat in so long that my body was craving it.

Back to step one I guess.

Anyways started on Galatians Ch1 today, hopefully this will be the beginning of constant bible reading.  What did I learn at church today?  Its the hard little things that we need to do to be better prepared for tomorrow.